Nette Packages & Installation

Nette is a full-featured PHP framework consisting of a set of independent packages. You can download and use these packages independently of the rest of the framework.

To download and install the individual packages, use Composer:

composer require   

All packages at once can be added as follows:

composer require nette/nette

List of Packages

Application The kernel of web application GitHub API
Bootstrap Bootstrap of your application GitHub API
Caching Cache layer with set of storages GitHub API
Component Model Foundation for component systems GitHub API
DI Dependency Injection Container GitHub API
Database Database layer GitHub API
Finder Finds files and directories with intuitive interface GitHub API
Forms Greatly facilitates secure web forms GitHub API
Http Layer for the HTTP request & response GitHub API
Latte Amazing template engine GitHub API
Mail Sending E-mails GitHub API
Neon Loads and dumps NEON format GitHub API
Php Generator PHP code generator GitHub API
Robot Loader The most comfortable autoloading GitHub API
Routing Routing GitHub API
Safe Stream Safe atomic operations with files GitHub API
Security Provides access control system GitHub API
Schema User data validation GitHub API
Tester Enjoyable unit testing in PHP GitHub API
Tracy Debugging tool you will love ♥ GitHub API
Utils Utilities and Core Classes GitHub API