7 Reasons to Use Nette

Imagine a PHP framework that allows you to focus on what you love doing most. It guides you to write clean code. And takes care of security itself. Stop dreaming and discover Nette. Embark on a journey that opens the door to new development opportunities. We'll discuss:

  • how to create websites with maximum comfort
  • how to write elegant code
  • what the wisdom “less code = enough security” means
  • how to build a website like a construction kit
  • and how to become part of a successful community

Nette brings comfort and efficiency to the world of web developers through innovative tools and techniques. What are the key features that make Nette unique and an essential part of a developer's toolkit? Let's take a look!

#1 Nette Pampers You

When the Nette Framework began to take shape twenty years ago, it revolved around a single goal: How to create websites as comfortably as possible? How to make life as easy as possible for programmers? How to make web development sexy?

This approach appealed to many programmers, and Nette quickly gained popularity. Back then, we called this philosophy Netteway, and today there's a term for it, Developer Experience (DX). Nette is a framework with DX in its DNA. You'll notice the difference in a thousand and one things – from tiny details to groundbreaking innovations. Let the framework pamper you.

#2 Nette Leads You to Clean Code

Do you want to write clean code? Have well-designed applications? Who wouldn't! And this is where the role of a framework begins. If it doesn't lead by example, you can't create a brilliantly designed application.

Nette leads by example. It is a mentor teaching good habits and writing code according to proven methodologies. As a pioneer and evangelist of dependency injection, it offers a quality foundation for sustainable, extensible, and easily readable applications. Nette is designed to be understandable for beginners, while still offering sufficient depth for experienced developers.

The Nette community has nurtured a number of personalities who are now behind successful and important projects. For thousands of programmers, Nette has become a mentor on their path to professional growth. Join and discover how Nette will positively influence the quality of your code and applications.

#3 Reliable Guardian of Your Applications

Nette protects your applications. Over the years, it has earned a reputation as a tool that takes security extremely seriously. It provides ingenious protection against vulnerabilities, always making it easier for developers to work without compromising security.

Its motto “less code = enough security” means that individual elements are secure by default. There is no need to activate security features by writing additional code. You can't forget or worry about overlooking something. Programmers often don't even realize how much security work Nette does for them and are surprised when they find out.

Introducing a framework that leads you to clean code while keeping an eye on the security of your applications. Nette is a reliable partner that allows you to focus on creating great web applications with peace of mind.

#4 Build a Website Like a Construction Kit

With Nette, you build pages from reusable UI components. It's reminiscent of desktop application development, and Nette has successfully brought this approach to the web. Need a datagrid in administration? Just find it on the open-source components marketplace, install it, and easily insert it into the page. Moreover, you can create your own components for recurring elements on the pages, eliminating duplicates and improving code organization.

This unique feature sets Nette apart from all other significant players in the market. It enables you to efficiently create and maintain web applications. With Nette, working with UI becomes a smooth and enjoyable experience.

#5 Flexible Package Set

Nette is a set of standalone packages. They include the addictive Tracy debugging tool, the next-generation Latte templating system, the excellent Dependency Injection Container, forms, and many more. Each package has readable detailed documentation and resides in a separate repository on GitHub. You can use packages individually or combine them with other tools and technologies you already use. For example, Latte can be deployed in WordPress or the Slim Framework, the DI container can be the core of a corporate framework, and Tracy can visualize error messages.

Alternatively, you can use Nette as a whole, as a framework, and create a complete web application in it. Whether you're developing a small personal project or a robust enterprise application, Nette will be your reliable partner.

#6 Stability & Innovation

Nette is a mature and proven framework with a long history. Despite this, it remains agile and flexible thanks to its smart design. Users appreciate that it is a small and nimble framework, not a behemoth.

It is always prepared in advance for new PHP versions and considers the latest innovations in web application development. This is crucial for minimizing technical debt.

Nette is, therefore, a combination of long-term stability and innovation that allows you to rely on a proven solution while being able to use the latest technologies and trends. With Nette, you can be sure that your project will be built on foundations that keep pace with the rapidly evolving world of web development.

#7 Be in the Best Company

Nette Framework is popular among professionals. It is trusted by prominent companies such as O2, BOSCH, ESET, Zásilkovna, DHL, SUPRAPHON, and hundreds of others. It scored well in several surveys for the most popular or most used framework.

Start with Nette and open up new job opportunities. You'll gain not only a powerful tool but also the active community, ready to support you on your journey to professional growth.

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