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It is in the highest interest of every company or individual, that builds their website on Nette, that the framework is actively developed. From supporting new versions of PHP and fixing bugs to coming up with new innovative solutions, which will save you time and money. Professional documentation and useful content like videos, tutorials and articles are crucial for every user to make their work easier and more comfortable.

We take pride in providing excellent world-class quality, that many parts of Nette represent, and we would like them to do so in future as well.

However, it cannot be guaranteed without proper funding. If you want to ensure a healthy and sustainable progress of the framework, there´s only a small thing you need to do – support Nette development by a monthly payment. Even a humble amount of money can make a difference.

Get involved and become a Nette partner!

By doing so, you can be sure the project you rely on will go steady and grow seamlessly. At the same time you will get a variety of exclusive benefits (see Levels of Partnership on the right side). You will get access to bonus content, to technical support. You will get priority in fixing your issues. And your company will get exposure to the community and will be promoted among developers.

How will we promote you? E.g. your logo/brand name will be listed on the website (ie on this page, on the homepage, in the documentation, on the forum, and on special page which you can refer to). You will be able to add job advertising on the forum (example and example) or in the documentation (example) – in other words, you will gain access to advertise on platforms with the greatest possible reach among Nette programmers.

Invoices for your payments can be issued every month, quarterly, half-yearly or annually.

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Generous Backers

  • Freelo
  • Josef Vokněr
  • Martin Štěpař
  • Martin Křižan
  • Lukáš Lacko
  • Štěpán Kocourek
  • Miroslav Koula
  • Scott Helme
  • Jan Čech
  • Lukáš Rajchl
  • <script>alert('michalspacek.cz');</script>
  • Jan Galek
  • Stepan Kocourek

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  • Peter Bodnár
  • Jan Kuchař
  • Milan Matějček
  • Petr Kessler
  • Hák Karel
  • Jan Soused Pospíšil
  • Tomáš Janák
  • Pavel Hájek
  • Viktor Szőke
  • jirkov
  • Klofix
  • Jakub Trmota
  • japlavaren
  • Zora Hořejšová
  • Jakub Bouček
  • David Mach
  • Milan Majer
  • Václav Valenta
  • Lukáš Komárek
  • Lukáš Krajíček
  • David Šolc
  • Antonín Jehlář
  • Pavel Železný
  • Daniel Duran
  • Jirka Špaček
  • Stanislav Janů
  • Přemysl Ptáček
  • Michal Semerák
  • petak23
  • Adam Todt
  • Tomáš Skoumal
  • johnnie
  • Václav Pávek
  • Petr Žitný
  • Jan Pecha
  • Josef Drábek
  • Tomáš Smetka
  • David Kaleta
  • galab
  • Petr Steinbauer
  • dakujem ~~AR~~
  • bohacf
  • Lukáš Hladík
  • Filip Kuchár
  • Martin Michálek
  • Milan Onderka
  • Jan Ledvinka
  • kalatalabnik
  • Miroslav Hařovský
  • Jan Trejbal
  • Ing. Vladimir Vinkle
  • Jan Petr
  • Lukáš Širhal
  • modest
  • Dušan Mlynarčík
  • Kapro
  • Michal Škop
  • Bohumír Rada
  • pipinac
  • Tomáš Haubert
  • Jaroslav Piela
  • Michal Božovský

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