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Anyone who builds sites on Nette has an interest in seeing the framework actively evolve. To support new versions of PHP. That bugs are fixed. To come up with more news that will make things easier or save time and money. That the framework has great documentation and there is useful content around it, whether in the form of articles, tutorials or videos.

Many parts of Nette are world-leading and we want to keep it that way.

Without adequate funding, none of this can be assured. Yet to be able to count on more versions coming out, you only have to do quite a bit: support it with even a small amount of money each month.

Come on in and become a Nette partner!

You will ensure the healthy functioning of the project you rely on. And at the same time, you'll get a host of exclusive benefits (see Partnership Levels in the right column). You'll get access to bonus content. Access to technical support. You'll increase the priority of resolving your issues. And you'll raise your company's profile and attract developers to your company.

How do we make you visible? For example, by putting your logo on this site (i.e. on this page, on the homepage, in the documentation, on the forum, and on special page that you can link to). You will be able to post job postings, advertise on the forum (sample) or in the documentation (sample), the places with the best reach into the Nette developer community.

We send invoices to partners so they can put the support into their costs, either monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

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Generous Backers

  • Stepan Kocourek
  • Dominik Veselý
  • Ozzrel
  • Martin Hsu
  • Matěj Kmínek
  • <script>alert('michalspacek.cz');</script>
  • Lukáš Rajchl
  • Jan Čech
  • Freelo
  • Scott Helme
  • Štěpán Kocourek
  • Martin Štěpař
  • Jiří Zralý
  • Blueboard.cz s.r.o.
  • Miloš Brecher

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  • Michal Božovský
  • Jaroslav Piela
  • Bohumír Rada
  • Ing. Vladimir Vinkle
  • Lukáš Širhal
  • Jan Trejbal
  • modest
  • Miroslav Hařovský
  • Lukáš Gregorovič
  • Alexander Valach
  • Dalibor Šulc
  • Th 1024, s.r.o.
  • Adam Zemek
  • Milan Onderka
  • Martin Michálek
  • Štěpán Suchánek (Psaní Hravě)
  • Aleš Kafka
  • Jakub Trmota
  • Daniel Šenkyřík
  • Posp
  • Lukáš Komárek
  • Marek Šloser
  • J. Makovec
  • Makovec Milan
  • Lukáš Čellár
  • Miroslav Macháček
  • Guillermo Gonzalez
  • David Kaleta
  • dsar
  • Miroslav Koula
  • Saibal
  • Jan Pecha
  • galab
  • David Mach
  • Lukáš Hladík
  • Václav Pávek
  • Milan Majer
  • enzo
  • Zora Hořejšová
  • Klofix
  • Petr Hurtak
  • bohacf
  • Michal Semerák
  • Václav Valenta
  • Hák Karel
  • Milan Matějček
  • Petr Kessler
  • Jan Soused Pospíšil
  • David Šolc
  • Peter Bodnár
  • Takayasu Oyama
  • Vlasta Neubauer
  • Jan Tvrdík
  • Austin Kregel
  • Štěpán Postler
  • Martin Kokeš
  • Codecov
  • Anna Filina

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