Nette is a set of standalone packages. At the same time it is the framework built on them. If you're new to it, download Web Project, which is the skeleton of a minimal web application using Nette.

Install skeleton of your new application with the latest stable via Composer:
composer create-project nette/web-project
Or download Nette 3.0 Web Project (requires PHP 7.1 and is compatible with PHP 7.4)


Nette is a set of standalone packages. You can use any of these packages independently from the rest of framework.

You can add a package to your application via Composer. For instance, to install the Latte use:

composer require latte/latte

Living on the Edge

You can obtain the latest development versions from our repositories at

Previous Versions 0.7 – 2.4

Older releases are available in archive.