Logos and Graphics

Do you need an official logo Framework? Would you like to put the framework icon on your website? You've come to the right place.

Please indicate name of each framework in the form Nette Framework, without ® or ™. It will be nice to manage if you write the sentence so that you do not have the name of the decline.

Because the name of the framework is to protect trade mark, its use has some limitations. We appreciate that Nette Framework Support the creation of new Web services-related framework, but we ask you the names of their products or top-level domain “net” not used. Try to opt for a shortcut (eg ‘N’ or “NF”) or any other variant.

Logo Nette Framework is a fundamental building block of a single visual style. It consists of making a distinctive typographic word “net” and may be accompanied by the word “framework”.


Nette Framework reproduction of the logo will look best if you keep the official color palette representing blue sunny skies and creamy lather good espresso.

  • Blue

    Pantone 2925 C

    RGB 52, 132, 210

    HEX #3484D2

  • Cream

    Pantone 4505 C

    RGB 158, 133, 65

    HEX #9E8541